“I love color and I love to paint. I am excited that I started to make my art. This is my journey as an artist.”


I collect snapshots of my surroundings. Things that call my attention: mostly fleeting images of color, shadows, people walking by… Not only visually, but with all my senses I take in small scenes in everyday life. I try to put to memory the thoughts, feelings and emotions they evoke in me.

In my art I want to recreate those moments. My paintings can be both representational and abstract. I also love to use different kind of media, watercolor, acrylics, oil and egg tempera and lots more. I paint with brushes, sticks, needles, towels, spatulas, whatever seems to work. I collage and mix media, and try to take advantage of the fact, that I am new to these techniques and can use them playfully and with a lot of experiment.


One can say that I am a creative person. From childhood on my interests and talents have been in Music, Fine Art and Crafts. My extracurricular activities included singing, drawing, painting, sewing, designing furniture. I wanted to be an opera singer, a painter, a fashion designer, a costume designer, a stage designer. Not in chronological order – all at the same time!

The only thing I was sure about was that I wanted a creative job. I went to a college for interior design, which seemed to be a good compromise (except for the singer part, but that was covered by being a chorist.) After I graduated, I was again playing with the idea of becoming a fine artist. Yet getting a job in architecture would be the safer career choice, since I already knew that this was something I liked and was good at anyway. I returned to university and studied Architecture in Vienna.


My work as an architect is very organized, precise and disciplined, with a tiny spark of creativity. For many years I did not mind that my creative soul has not much room in my job. My life was very colorful anyway. I had a big family by now and was completely occupied with raising my four children alongside working. Gradually this began to change. As soon as the children needed less of my time, I started singing in my choir again. Ideas for art projects started to come too, but I put them aside. I was hoping that one day, maybe when I am retired, I would concentrate on making fine art.


About three years ago, I realized that it need not be a decision between being an architect or being an artist. I had more free time, why not start right now. I bought some sketchbooks, took out my old paints and started painting. I found that art supply stores are my new heaven – I needed more space. When my eldest son left home, I set up my art studio in his old room. And I am loving it!


I am on my creative path. To me this is a huge adventure, and I am curious and very excited to see where this journey will bring me.

My knowledge resources come from my studies in Interior Design and Architecture, from endless watching videos on YouTube and from in person workshops:
Studio of the KHM Vienna/ Austria with Ilona Neuffer
Summer Academy Künstlerdorf Neumarkt/ Austria with Stephan Ehrenhofer
Art2Life Creative Visionary Program with Nicolas Wilton/ US.

Exhibitions in Neumarkt/ Raab and Vienna.

Artist in Residence at Kulturankerzentrum Wien Floridsdorf.

Co-Founder of Artsalonwien.

I hope I can inspire you to listen to who you really are.
Do you want to stay in touch and become a part of my journey?